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Nancy Schwartz, Medicare Coach
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What I’m Doing Now

This note marks the close of Thank you for all your support, engagement, and friendship over the years.

Before I go, I want to update you on my new career.

Drama! From Marketing to Medicare

I’m now working as a Medicare Coach.

If you had predicted I’d shift to the health insurance space, after 27 years in nonprofit marketing, I would have said you were out of your mind! But life has a funny way of unfolding.

I was motivated to enter this field by the 15+ years I managed the life and business affairs of my elderly father, Manny.

Caring for Dad was a tough but transformative experience. And I emerged after his death determined to work with folks my age and older to help them make smart decisions about their health care coverage.

You see, Dad’s fully-covered access to the health care he needed (from the doctors we preferred) was a bedrock foundation in his otherwise topsy-turvy life with dementia.

Now, I help others get to that same feeling of safety and confidence in their health insurance choices.

Not Goodbye

As a communications consultant for nonprofits, my main professional challenge was to help organizations align their marketing with their strategic goals.

As a Medicare Coach, my chief challenge is to help individuals navigate the complex health coverage choices they face as they near 65 or retirement. It’s all too easy to make costly mistakes that put your health care coverage and finances at risk.

My goal is to guide people like you through this process so you feel secure and confident in your Medicare decisions—and ensure access to the health care you need—for the duration.

If I can help you, your friends or family members make smart, affordable decisions about Medicare coverage, I’d be honored to do so.

Let’s talk! Please contact me at or (862) 216-0445.

Thank You All

I so appreciate your warmth and interest over all these years. You have fueled my personal and professional growth. I will never forget you.

Thank you,

P.S. By the way, my journey into Medicare has only confirmed my support for single-payer health care for all. It’s the only sensible long-term solution for our country. But in the interim, I’m happy I’ve found a way to help ease people’s pain and anxiety getting and keeping coverage in this crazy, hodge-podge system.

Let's Connect on Linked In
Nancy Schwartz, Medicare Coach
(862) 216-0445